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I wanted to share some photos of my personal Bonsai tree collection. I am learning to propagate, care for, and nurture my own bonsai creations.
I really enjoy this green thumb stuff, although I never had one before in all my life. A green thumb, that is. A lot of work, but well worth it, if
it's enjoyable as it has been for me.

My favorite Bonsai, The Acer Palmatum/Japanese Kamagata Green Maple Bonsai. I got it from DaSu Bonsai
Studios in Iowa. He really has some wonderful bonsai creations. Checkout their website. Tell Dave Lowman that
I sent you. A really great place to get the highest quality bonsai trees and companion plants, the best selection 
that I've found yet on the internet.
Close-up of the Kamagata Maple Eggshell and trunk. it got broken in shipping, see the repair?  
It is also a bonsai in training, and doing well.

This is my favorite Juniper Bonsai, which is labeled as a Specimen tree. I found it at a local home improvement
store, and it was badly infected with spider mites, and needed clipping, pruning, and cleaning, after the pests
were sent to a better place. No, I washed them off before I sprayed with insecticide
(safe, non-toxic type only used by me). Now I find myself looking for more trees to rescue each time I visit
stores that carry bonsai.
 Other Junipers - Small Rock Junipers, one is a U-shaped 'Literati' style. Very nice.
The above is my favorite of my small Juniper Bonsai trees. I just gave my last favorite Juniper to a cool guy at
my local hardware store, who told me he always wanted one. I miss it, but I wanted Chris to have a nice
1st Bonsai. I hope you enjoy it, Chris! 
The 2 photos above are my Japanese Red Maple sapling, and the bottom photo shows the new summer leaves
that I forced it to sprout. One more thing I learned from the Bonsai 101 lesson. This is going to be one
beautiful tree, I hope.
The above 2 photos of my California Napa Valley Wine grape Bonsai, which actually fruits mini bunches of grapes.
Juniper with accents
This is a cool juniper bonsai I created with creeping Elfin Thyme and Japanese Dwarf Mondo grass.Then added
some white rocks and the goose.
So I found out this is a White Serissa, 'Tree of a thousand stars'. 
Above 3 photos are of my Kamagata Maple I have, it was in an eggshell, but the tree just didn't seem to be
healthy, even after some mild TLC and fertilizer. Finally I decided to put it into this 15" pot and it is doing
much better. I added some brass buttons and some other ground cover accents, which looks great growing
over the edge of the pot.

Kitty, my wonderful friend was taken on 08/19/10, by an unfortunate automobile accident. 

Below are shots of some of my most recent and favorite bonsai

Dissectum Nigrum Japanese Cutleaf Maple before...


After... Such a beautiful tree




 My favorite Juniper above, which grew straight upright around a stick, then I
 chose the pot and went to work. The 3 above photos are the pre-bonsai to
the finished bonsai. This prize specimen was a gift to my friend Laura at PGC.
Blue Atlas Cedar, Cedrus Atlantica f. Glauca trained and pruned as windswept.
My beautiful Jade, 29 x 22 x 6 pot. About 28" tall and 30" wide, with a 9" nebari
Crepe Myrtle 'Natchez' in 10" oval pot  displayed at Plant City Nursery, Torrance, CA.
Above are my Blue Atlas Cedar, My Prize Specimen Bougainvillea, and at right a
Japanese Black Pine I pruned and trained for Peter's Garden Nursery.
Above is a Delicious Peach Bonsai, a Prunus Mume 'Ume' Japanese Apricot Bonsai,
and a Naranjo Blood Orange Bonsai, slanted style.
A close up shot of the beautiful Peach Bonsai, and it's Peaches are sweet, juicy,
and delicious! It fruited 9 peaches this past season, but the squirrels, possums,
and maybe a Raccoon robbed me of some, so I picked the last 4 good ones so I could
enjoy them, too!



Where do you go to escape, or gather your thoughts?


More Bonsai...

The above 2 shots of my Japanese Fruiting mulberry Bonsai, another of Dave Lowman's great creations,
from DaSu Bonsai Studios. This tree was just bare limbs in the eggshell, and it's been growing beautifully!
Thanks again, Dave!
The above 2 shots are of my latest rescued Bonsai, a brilliant Trident Maple Bonsai, just at 11" tall. After I 
saw it for the 3rd visit to the store, and no one had picked it up, I knew I had to save it. It's leaves were
drying and wilting, the mites were destroying the bark, and the planting medium was really poor. I am also
starting the training of this tree's limbs (see the aluminum wire), it needs a lot more TLC and my special
attention. It's also another of my favorites

This was a cool Bonsai, a clump of very small Ponytail Palm Bonsai in a nice planter. I had to remove and replace
the planting medium, as it was pretty bad, too. It looks great, huh?


Japanese Pine
Japanese Pine Bonsai

 Chinese Elm about 22" tall
Artistic Bonsai Juniper
Juniperus Procumbens Nana, Japanese garden Juniper shaped into an artistic bonsai
Nearly all the limbs are in 'training'. The shrub I purchased was twice this size, but I trimmed a lot off to
come up with this design.

I found this beautiful 24 inch tall Ficus at a Home Depot. I can't wait to re-pot it. It has a great span at the
trunk roots, so I began the 'Rock through trunk' look with a nice rock that fit perfectly.

Large Norfolk Island Pine Bonsai in a deep terracotta square pot. The largest one I have, over 18" tall from soil 
Japanese Green Maple, Acer Palmatum was one of my 1st successful Maple Bonsai.
At Plant City Nursery in Torrance, CA.
 This is a Chinese Elm Bonsai, the 2 above photos of before and after Bonsai potting
Anna Apple tree, was over 6 feet tall, now a mere 22" tall, in the works. Pruned
late October 2010. update to come...

I am also an ex-professional musician, spanning about 30 years of playing
top 40, Rock, Blues, Country,  and anything else that people would talk our
groups into performing. I want to say to all my friends, bandmates, and other
associated personnel, I appreciate the time I got to spend with all of you,
for all the great moments and special memories from the past. Even though
I don't play professionally any longer, I enjoy picking up a guitar now and
then and reminiscing....
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I love you all, wherever you may be.

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